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When the idea of Country Kids Co. arose, I think everyone around me thought I was a bit crazy. I had a 3-year-old, a 1 year old and a full-time job. Alongside my husband who works fulltime, we live on a 100acre farm in Ontario, Canada with every weird creature you could imagine of Dog, Chickens, Guinea Hens, Goats, Sheep, Ducks and the newest addition an Emu named Kevin.

Where did the name come from people ask me all the time? Long story short – I was born and raised on a Dairy and Poultry Farm, my dad is from France so they decided to put us in French Immersion which meant we had a very long bus ride into the city (2 hours a day to be precise). I found myself as the “Country Kid” in the city. As I grew up going in to Highschool and then University there seemed to me more of us! Country Kids in my mind represents free play, minimalism, exploring, nature and simplicity.

When we were blessed with our first born, we found out that she was born hard of hearing. She was deaf in one ear and moderate to severe in the other. She wore hearing aids and then she had the incredible surgery for cochlear implants. This led me to buying a lot of beanie style hats to hold everything on her head (try to get a 1 year old toddler to keep hardware on- aka mission impossible) I then began making my own beanies and it has led to new ideas ever since!

As I became comfortable in this so-called journey of motherhood, I found myself obsessed with finding stylish, good quality, natural apparel for my kids. I found there was not a lot of choices of more simple clothing choices as I am not a big fan of cartoons on everything. I started with beanies, then added hair accessories, an agriculture line of tees and beanies. But I knew I wanted to continue this journey and make all the crazy items that were in my head and that I would sew up very small scale at home, but I needed help. I found a small business (17 mins away from me to be exact) that did just that. Jessica Johnston Clothier has helped me develop my visions into reality while using nothing but the best fabrics and local seamstresses to make my small batches of clothing. I am so proud to introduce my new line up for Summer 2020 full of Rompers for all kids and women alike.

Our fabrics are all Oeko Tex Certified, handmade with love, and we are supporting and part of the slow fashion movement.

Welcome to my wild journey!

With Love, Jenny

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